Residents of Sanya, Hainan Province, China began to refuse to buy electric cars in favor of conventional cars

Sanya residents are increasingly worried about buying new electric cars, despite the fact that government subsidies and other favorable measures for new vehicles were introduced one after another, but during a visit to electric car shops, it turned out that Sanya residents of Hainan Province were waiting refer to the purchase of new energy vehicles — most stores, with the exception of one or two shopping guides, had very few buyers.


In a survey of Sanya residents, such phrases were often heard: “New energy vehicles? I don't want to think about it. I am more inclined to buy fuel cars ”,“ I will definitely buy traditional cars, because there is no need to use new energy vehicles, there is no need for this ”,“ New energy vehicles are new things, after all, their performance, technologies are unclear, we we do not understand, so we will not buy. "


New electric cars are a future trend, but consumers have too many concerns, as the system technology for the full liberalization of operating conditions for the energy performance of cars is still being corrected, combined with the gradual reduction of government subsidies and difficulties in charging fees that affect consumers do shopping.


The sales situation is now very pessimistic, for example, one resident Sanya frankly said that he had already tested various new energy cars: from ordinary to hybrid electric cars and pure electric, but in the end he chose a traditional car, because the biggest weakness of the new car is small the distance of the trip, because of the traffic jams, the battery could not be charged for a long time; e, than to refuel ordinary car.


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