The US restricts the use of software products for Chinese companies: the accounts of the largest Chinese drone manufacturer DJI are blocked

Figma, an American design software company, has reportedly suspended the accounts of China's largest drone manufacturer, DJI.


 According to Chinese media, DJI said internally, “Urgently notify all colleagues who use Figma for designing, Figma has blocked all DJI company accounts are blocked. Partners should move files with their personal accounts as quickly as possible and quickly notify friends who use Figma.


 Previously, such Chinese companies as Huawei, 360 and Hikvision were also banned. This "ban" also means sanctions against Chinese companies that have already switched from chips to software that Chinese companies use.


 As the world's most popular online design collaboration software, Figma can permanently store designs in the cloud, ensuring that multiple users can comment or change projects in real time. Teamwork, a rich open source community, and smooth operation are three of its main strengths.


 According to industry insiders, many Chinese companies such as DJI use Figma software. The company has also become one of the fastest growing SaaS unicorns in recent years with a market value of over $10 billion.


 According to UX Tools statistics, Figma's global usage rate will reach 77% in 2021, far more than other similar software. In the annual UXtools 2021 design tools list, Figma also ranks first in both usage and rankings.


 Following this "lock" incident, other Chinese companies such as Blue Lake and Instant Design urgently announced the launch of the Figma file import function and support for the post-import editing function. According to Blue Lake, after MasterGo announced the launch of the "Figma file import feature", traffic on MasterGo's official website skyrocketed 10 times more than usual.


 So what impact will this incident have on DJI and other companies? What is the secret of Figma's rapid growth? What path will Chinese startups take to break the "blockade" of foreign countries?


 Cai Zhiseng, founder and CEO of Sunway Home, a cloud-based industrial software company in China, analyzed in an interview with Chuangyebang that Figma has been a dark horse in UI/UX design for the past two years. It turns user interface design tools into a cloud-based software that can integrate user interface designers, product managers, and engineers to improve work efficiency.


 The 3D Home team also uses Figma. However, during use, designers will feel that since their overseas servers are unstable and their Chinese language support is not friendly enough, there is a certain degree of "acclimatization" in China.


 Therefore, Cai Zhiseng believes that this incident belongs to the context of the geopolitical game between China and the United States, and said that this incident sounded an alarm to us, that Chinese companies should accelerate the pace of domestic substitution, especially industrial design software, the software is blocked. the consequences will be unimaginable as the drawing files created by this type of CAD software can be used in the field of automotive, building construction, interior design, etc.


 Although there are many similar programs in China, such as Sunway Home, Zhongwang, etc., as for the traditional industrial software on the client side, most of the industrial R&D software in China only applies to simple industrial machinery, separate system functions and there is still a big gap in the core technology of the software, the accumulation of industrial knowledge, simulation accuracy and processing performance.