RMB 66.4 billion invested in key projects in Hainan from January to November 2020

The Hainan Provincial Development and Reform Commission, China, reported that a total of 66.4 billion yuan was invested in key projects in Hainan from January to November 2020, with a 98% completion rate. A total of 19 projects were launched with a utilization rate of 95%, and a total of 12 completed projects.


According to reports, as of the aforementioned time period, the completion rates of some key projects are: 91% of Meilan Airport Phase II, 78% of Nuclear Power Phase II, 94% of a Multipurpose Small Reactor, Boao Research Hospital 82%, Datang Gas Power Plant 83%, 1 million Ethylene 77%, Maiwan Water Management Project 93%, Tianjiaotan Water Management Project 81%, in addition, the annual investment in the Wuyuan River Culture and Sports Center project in Haikou City was completed.


In October 2020, the Hainan Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued the 2021 Provincial Key Projects Investment Plan Announcement Notice, which requires cities, counties and related divisions in the province to develop tourism, modern services and high-tech industry in accordance with the relevant regulations.


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