The "China-ASEAN Think Tank Forum" was held in Haikou on Hainan Island, China

Haikou hosted the "China (Hainan) - ASEAN Think Tank Forum" jointly organized by the South China Maritime Research Institute, the Provincial Federation of Social Sciences and the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences.


The topic of this forum is “Connecting the Great Gulf with Access to Southeast Asia: Ideas and Ways of Participation of the Hainan Free Trade Port in a Double Cycle. More than 100 experts and scientists from 7 countries and regions took part in the offline conference. The participants held in-depth discussions and exchange of views on such topics as "The state and prospects of maritime economic cooperation between China and ASEAN" and "Construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port against the background of RCEP."


At the opening ceremony, speeches were made by the leaders of the South China Maritime Research Institute, the Provincial Federation of Social Sciences, the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences and the provincial party committee's propaganda department. Experts and scholars from the China (Hainan) Institute for Reform and Development, the Indonesian Center for Strategic and International Studies, the Sino-ASEAN Institute, the Singapore Institute of International Relations and the China-Specific Free Trade Port Institute delivered keynote speeches on the topic of the forum.


The China (Hainan) - ASEAN Think Tank Forum was founded in 2017. The Forum aims to facilitate in-depth exchange of views and discussions between domestic and foreign participants on issues related to the construction of the "Maritime Silk Road" in the 21st century, actively promote international cooperation within the "Belt and Road" and promote the full integration of Hainan into the construction of the "Belt and Road "And build China for Hainan. The characteristic free trade port provides intellectual support and guides domestic and foreign social science experts to actively advise and offer cooperation and exchange between Hainan and ASEAN.


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