Sanya resident on Hainan Island, China swallowed live fish on fishing

Recently, the Sanya People’s Hospital in Hainan Island received a patient who accidentally swallowed a live fish.


A resident of Sanya Lin came to the Hainan Province People’s Hospital to see a doctor, he had difficulty breathing during a consultation, followed by a cough and blood stagnation. Dr. Yang Jie diagnosed him with a foreign body in his throat. Given that the foreign body is stuck at the entrance to the esophagus and is accompanied by shortness of breath, there is a possibility of suffocation at any time. In the absence of a hospital, Dr. Yang Jie urgently contacted the operating room and the anesthesiology department of the hospital and told the nurse to reserve a ward.


   After the operation, the doctor took a duobao fish 4 cm long and 3 cm wide from the throat. After the operation, Mr. Lin returned to the ward safely.


A resident of Sanya Lin said that he went fishing where the fishing net got tangled while fishing, in the absence of tools Lin tried to use his teeth to unravel the fishing net, but suddenly a small fish jumped into his mouth and slipped into his throat, stuck in his throat. Accompanied by his family, Lin immediately went to a local hospital for treatment, but local medical resources were limited, he came to the provincial people's hospital for treatment, and finally pulled out small fish.


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