Internal linking of website or online store pages

Created: 04 October 2021

Internal linking of the company's website or online store will allow you to significantly more successfully solve the problems of promoting your website or online store, which, ultimately, will affect a more significant increase in the number of customers interested in your website. The specialists of PRAGMA LLC will help to carry out competent internal linking of your website and online store in the shortest possible time at reasonable prices.


After the internal linking has been carried out, your site will have the following advantages:


1. Full indexing of your site or online store, therefore, with each new visit to the search robot to index the pages of your site, it will crawl a larger number of pages, because usually the task of the search robot includes scanning one document, but after competent linking it will certainly bypass and will index, in addition to the specified page of your site, other pages of the site (posts, records, etc.).


2. General improvement in the use of your site or online store by ordinary users, as a good internal linking will better take into account the behavioral factors of your potential customers, which will help them quickly find the information they need on your site or product in the online store. internal links lingers longer on its pages. And much less often comes back to the search.


3. Increasing the weight of pages of your site or online store in Internet search engines, since the more different internal links will be on your site or online store, the more weight of each page will be formed in the ranking of Internet search engines.


4. Successful promotion of your website or online store in a low- competitive market sector, since with the help of the correct internal linking it will be much easier and cheaper for you to promote the landing pages of your website in Yandex and Google for low-competitive MF and LF queries, which is especially important for recently opened online stores and sites.


In general, the specialists of our company will be able to make a competent linking of the pages of your site, using all the requirements of hypertext optimization, which with a high probability, within a few months after indexing, will allow your site to get to the leading positions in the search results of Yandex and Google. The cost of PRAGMA LLC services to optimize the functionality of a site or online store is from 15 thousand rubles per month - to order this service, write to e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.