International Forum on food culture in Boao on Hainan Island, China

The 4th Boao International Food Culture Forum was held on the theme “Food Without Borders, Greens and Good Ingredients,” the forum focused on the post-epidemic era and how Chinese food and catering should respond to change. Representatives from domestic and foreign catering and food processing industries, large national supermarkets, international chain hotels, and catering experts and academics gathered in Boao to exchange views.


At the opening ceremony, the Boao International Food Culture Forum Organizing Committee and the Boao Emergency Industry International Cultural Festival Organizing Committee, Beijing Chinese Cuisine Research Association, Hualong County Cultivation and Promotion Bureau, Jianhe County, Qiandongnan Prefecture, Guizhou Province, County People's Government Antu, Sanya Maritime Business Club, Hengyang Industry Development Bureau, etc. signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly promote the development of the tea oil industry.


Li Xi, Deputy Mayor of Qionghai City, expressed the hope that catering enterprises will sincerely learn from the best practices of domestic and foreign colleagues, expand their thinking, and make a positive contribution to the economic construction and development of Qionghai. Li Xi said he hopes that prominent businesses from outside the province will invest and start businesses in Qionghai, and take advantage of the floatation of Hainan's Free Trade Port opening policy to help Hainan's food service companies accelerate their global presence.


Exhibition areas such as Green & Ecological Ingredients and Food Exhibition, thematic advertising exhibition, concentrate expositions of coffee and tea, catering equipment, baking and ice cream, hotel accessories, as well as the international exhibition area, the world gourmet exhibition area, the exhibition Hengyang tea oil area and catering equipment.


At the venue, the Golden Camellia National Culinary Competition with Hengyang Tea Oil attracted many guests. More than 120 chefs from the cities of the "four world food capitals" - Chengdu, Shunde, Macao, Yangzhou, Beijing, Hunan, Henan, Hainan, Yunnan and other places competed on the same stage for cooking.


This forum is sponsored by the China Food Culture Research Association and jointly sponsored by the China Agricultural Quality Development Service Association and the People's Government of Qionghai City, Hainan Province. It aims at comprehensively promoting the development of a food culture through the integration of regions and industries.


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