China Telecom is launching the construction of a pilot network 5G on Hainan Island, China in Boao, Sanya and Haikou

Yesterday, China Telecom Hainan Company held a kick-off meeting on the 5G network construction project in Boao, Haikou and Sanya.
It is reported that back in January 2018, the National Development and Reform Commission approved China Telecom as the operator of a project to create a network and demonstrate projects for 5G networks. In June of the same year, the Ministry of Science and Technology of China approved the construction of the China Telecom 5G network in Haikou as a major national special project. The "Three-Year Special Action Plan for the Consolidation of Information Infrastructure in Hainan Province (2018-2020)", issued by the Hainan Provincial Government, requires that telecommunications infrastructure operators pre-plan 5G networks and vigorously promote the construction of 5G networks in the province.
According to reports, in Sanya and Haikou, the 5G network of Hainan Telecom will mainly cover high-tech business areas such as incubation innovation parks and cities of science and technology, and energetically promote Haikou to accelerate the economic infrastructure of the headquarters of transnational corporations. In Boao, the 5G pilot network mainly covers the Boao Forum for Asia annual meeting area, which will facilitate the demonstration of business applications at the annual meeting of the forum, so that guests can feel the charm of 5G and quickly deliver and display the results of research and development of 5G in the world.