Hainan will promote the construction of rainforest national parks

In 2021, a teleconference on forestry work in Hainan province will be held in Haikou on Hainan Island, China. During the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan period, the Hainan province's forestry system took advantage of the major historical opportunities of the Free Trade Port and National Park System pilot program and pushed forestry reform and development to a new level. Regarding the protection of forest resources, the provincial forest planning reform “several rules in one” has produced remarkable results. A special document was drawn up on the protection and use of forest lands, and all forest lands were included in the environmental management system and control space for forest management in the province on the principle of “one map”.


Haikou City has been awarded the title of the world's first “International Cities with Wetlands” series; in terms of reforms in key areas, the construction of the Hainan Rainforest National Park was initiated, the integration and optimization of nature reserves was carried out, and 6,988,600 hectares of nature reserves in the province were incorporated into the management system, and the preliminary structure was based on the Hainan protected area system with national tropical rainforest parks as the main part, nature reserves as a base and nature parks as a complement.


During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, the province's forestry activities should create a system of protected areas with national parks as the main element. Innovative models to promote the construction of the Hainan Rainforest National Park, build a unified, standardized and effective management system for the Hainan National Parks; further promoting afforestation and gardening.


2021 is the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan, a key year for Hainan to comprehensively deepen reforms and open and accelerate the construction of a free trade port, and a key year for rainforest construction. The provincial forestry system should work well in "full implementation of the forest management system", "14th five-year plan", "construction of the Hainan rainforest national park", "land greening", "resource strengthening."


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