2019 International Forum on Finance and Economics opened in Sanya, Hainan, China

The eighth International Forum on Finance and Economics has opened in Sanya, Hainan, China. The theme of this forum is “Answers and choice in accordance with a changing global pattern”, and more than a hundred well-known domestic and foreign political, business and scientific circles took part in it.


This forum will focus on topics such as the global economy, Sino-US relations, investment change, financial technology, women's workplace, insurance technology, science, human and modern life, as well as strategic cooperation between China and Russia. We comprehensively look forward to the global and new economic, political, social and technological trends of China in 2020 and jointly look for ways to cope with the big changes.


This forum has also launched 4 specialized forums in Sanya. Four forums will focus on topics such as the construction of free trade ports in the free trade area and offshore financing, the transformation and modernization of modern services, commercial insurance and large healthcare sectors, and the development of deep-sea industries.


The 4-day forum will also feature a concert by the International Financial Forum in Sanya and the Sanya Culture and Arts Forum, supported by the Beijing Zhongyi Foundation, to analyze in more depth how to restore the modern vitality of traditional culture and to reveal the tension and essence of traditional culture.


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