In Hainan intellectual property center of Guozhi number of patent registrations exceeded 100,000

At Hainan Intellectual Property Center Guozhi, the number of registered patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc. exceeded 100,000, and the total amount was over 2 billion yuan, marking new progress in Hainan's intellectual property transfer and licensing business.


The types of patents listed in the Hainan Guozhi Center are understood to include invention patents, utility models, and designs covering communications, electronics, digital technology, energy, machinery, agriculture, forestry, fisheries and livestock, etc., types trademarks include medical supplies, scientific instruments, medical equipment, air conditioners, vehicles, jewelry and watches, leather goods, building materials, household goods, household chemicals, fitness equipment, advertising sales, education and entertainment, etc. ., types of copyright include artwork copyright, drama copyright, music copyright, etc.


IP transfer and business licensing can help rightholders realize the transfer and licensing of intellectual property rights, thereby generating profits, and can also assist businesses in marketing, selling, licensing, and collaborating patents, trademarks and copyrights.


Hainan Guozhi Center has signed over 60 agreements with a number of leading companies and institutions at home and abroad on intellectual property valuation, guarantees, legal protection, data processing services and securitization. Cooperation agreement, a complete ecosystem around intellectual property transactions was originally created.


The head of the Hainan Guozhi Center said that by relying on a professional talent team and a multi-tier intellectual property transaction ecosystem, Hainan Guozhi Center has formed a relatively comprehensive IP professional services function and project management system, providing patents, trademarks.


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