Foreign businessmen were invited to invest in the tourism industry of Hainan and participate in the development and construction

Recently, the Ministry of Commerce released the "General Plan for a Comprehensive Pilot Program for the Expansion and Opening of Services in Hainan Province" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"), which proposes to focus on tourism, transportation, finance, business services, technical services, medicine, education, culture and entertainment. During the three-year pilot period, they will continue to weaken market access, reform the regulatory model, optimize the market environment and accumulate pilot experiences that can be replicated and promoted throughout the country and play a demonstrative and leading role in ensuring the country's inclusiveness and innovative development of the service sector.


The Plan indicates that during the pilot period, Hainan will focus on deepening reforms and opening up key sectors of the service industry. In the area of ​​technology services, it will explore and improve mechanisms for financing intellectual property, such as intellectual property pledges. financing, the creation of high quality research and consulting institutions, and the provision of commercial services. This area further relaxes the restrictions for foreign professionals to pass practical qualification exams and allows foreign architectural design and planning professionals to work with nationally recognized professional qualifications to provide professional knowledge for businesses in specific areas of the pilot area upon application or mutual recognition.


To actively develop integrated online education in educational services, enabling professional colleges, mainstream colleges and universities to acquire and use qualified socialized and market-oriented superior online course resources. In the financial services industry, Hainan's financial services industry will be given greater autonomy to discover and innovate, promote the comprehensive opening of the financial services industry both domestically and internationally, and support the creation of overseas investment in Hainan. The Plan also proposes to encourage foreign businessmen to invest in Hainan's tourism industry, to participate in the development and construction of commercial tourism attractions, and to invest in tourism products and facilities.


The Plan requires Hainan to pilot international trade international Single Window cooperation, gradually expanding to countries and regions participating in the joint construction of the Belt and Road, and use the Single Window to facilitate international settlements for trade in services. Inter-transit flights will be actively promoted for passengers and their baggage on international flights connecting "international-domestic" and "international-international" flights, taking into account the requirements of the relevant ICAO security measures.


With regard to talent protection, the Plan states that Hainan should provide convenient entry and exit and residence for high-level foreign talent to invest in entrepreneurship, exchange lectures, and participate in economic and commercial activities. Skilled service companies that hire high-tech and high-end foreign talent can benefit from the convenience of talent visas, work permits, social security and other business measures, as well as green channel services, enhancing the inclusiveness of social security policies and enhancing rights protection. and flexible recruitment interests across businesses, platforms and across multiple employers.


According to the Plan, Hainan will allow qualified overseas personnel to act as legal representatives of statutory institutions, institutions and state-owned enterprises in the pilot zone and further optimize the work permit system for foreigners in terms of staff recruitment, permanent residence of foreign talent, etc.


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