Statistics of international tourist information contacts of Hainan, China for the development of tourism in 2019

In 2019, the number of foreign guests and the number of events in Hainan, China for tourism development grew linearly.


The Foreign Affairs Division of the Provincial Party Committee (Provincial Foreign Affairs Office of Hainan Province, China) reported that in 2019, Hainan provincial leaders held 55 foreign affairs events and participated in 16 large-scale international events, which is close to the level of 2018. Among them, one-on-one negotiations, meetings after round the table, the signing of memoranda and other events.


Hainan leaders met with foreign guests spanning 35 countries on five continents. The number of host countries increased by 11 compared to 2018, and the largest contacts were concentrated in Europe and America. Foreign business delegations are represented in areas such as automobiles, education, healthcare, trade, tourism, agriculture and aviation.


Currently, the number of international twin cities in Hainan has increased to 61. On July 23, 2019, our province signed a letter of intent to conclude such an agreement with the Grodno region of Belarus. Both sides will jointly promote friendly exchanges and economic and trade exchanges between the peoples of the two provinces and states, as well as contribute to the local government of both sides in order to facilitate the strategic integration of the Belt and Road and the Eurasian Economic Union. Liskovich Viktor Andreyevich, Deputy Mayor of Grodno, Belarus, visited Hainan and said he hoped to open direct flights as soon as possible.


During the presentation in Hainan Province of the free trade pilot zone, envoys from 17 countries, including Sri Lanka and Spain, expressed their strong interest in the modern Hainan service industry, the development of tourism and high-tech industries and expressed hope for the continuous expansion of friendly exchanges between the two sides.


In June 2019, at the invitation of the Russian TASS news agency, the Hainan delegation visited Russia and took part in the 23rd St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. At the forum, Hainan Province and the TASS news agency jointly held a special meeting to promote the Hainan pilot free trade zone and the opening ceremony of the presentation of the Hainan zone on the official website of the TASS news agency. Government representatives from more than 20 countries participated in the promotions of the day. This event was attended by AFP, BBC, Russian national television and other leading foreign media.