Hainan promotes golf tourism in Sydney, Australia

A few days ago in Sydney, Australia, a conference on the promotion of golf tourism in the Hainan Islands, this two-day promotion not only successfully promoted golf tourism in Hainan, but also contributed to long-term strategic cooperation between Hainan and many Australian companies.

In Australia, there are more than 800,000 golfers, so golf is the most powerful way for Hainan Island to enter this Australian market. The event was attended by representatives of companies from Hainan Island, such as the Hainan Golf Tourism Association, Mission Hills Resort in Haikou, Shangri-La Hotel and the Sydney International Golf Club.

In the second half of the first day of the conference, the organizers also held a unique golf tournament. At the welcome dinner that evening, Chen Yanmin, Mission Hills sales director, Haikou, presented the current golf tourism project on Hainan Island. Director of Hainan Airlines Australia also presented a new direct flight route from Sydney to Hainan. The Australian representative said that Hainan's advantage is that on the island you can play golf all year round, very attractive to Australian tourists.

At the conference, Hainan's delegation met with members of the Australian Parliament John Stowe, the New South Wales Golf Association and Qantas Golf Club, as well as other business and tourism elites, to actively explore the quality products of the Hainan tourism market and the Australian market, in order to learn effective ways of cooperation and development of tourism between these two places, to achieve additional resources, mutual market development, mutual exchange of clients and resources, and jointly promote prosperity and development of tourism.