On the island of Hainan, China create an active program for the mass use of yachts and the development of sailing

Yesterday, as part of a series of promotions for the promotion of yachting tourism on the Hainan Island organized and sponsored by the Hainan Cruise Ship Association, owners of domestic and foreign yachts in Sanya and Haikou and representatives of other industries came together to build an active program for the mass use of yachts on the island Hainan, promote the development of sailing, allow more people to enjoy the new consumption opportunity.

The yacht industry has the characteristics of wide service areas, a long production chain and strong driving forces. It not only creates a new way of life, but also has a great potential for domestic demand. Nevertheless, the yacht industry of China began to be late, and the level of consumption is low.

Zheng Dengyuan, president of the Singapore SUTL group, said that Hainan is developing a yacht industry with excellent natural resources and has a very important strategic importance in the Chinese yacht industry and has great potential in the development of the yacht industry, and Singapore companies want to go deeper into this business on the Hainan Island.

Lin Mincong, general manager of the Hainan Agile Clearwater Bay Yacht Club, shared his development experience in Auckland, the sailing capital of New Zealand. In Auckland, sails and yachts are everywhere. The inhabitants of the city like to sail to the sea. Sailing competition held in late January contributed to the development of tourism and local economic and social development.

Given the current development of the yacht industry, Ji Jie, vice chairman of the China Fisheries Association, put forward two proposals: one is to integrate the development of marine fishing and yachts to achieve additional benefits, and the second is for the vigorous development and enrichment of functional content and the creation of hotspots consumption.

Li Chongqiang, chairman of the Jiepeng Group, noted that life on the yacht should be popular, so this sport is no longer extravagant and used this group as an example for introducing a new business model of "full coverage of consumer groups." He believes that different groups of clients can adopt different strategies, for example, trying to meet the individual needs of customers, trying to create "consumption at the highest level - individual purchases" and "mode of consumption of yachts for the middle class."

Hu Xiaoming, deputy general director of the International Yacht Club Sanya Hongzhou Co., Ltd., noted that most people pay more attention to the status symbol of the yacht's representative, not the navigation itself, so Hainan must seize this business in the middle and satisfy the needs of people in medium and low class yachts. The demand is crucial for the development of the yacht economy.

The construction of the yacht infrastructure is an important factor limiting the development of marine sports. Hainan can learn from the experience of the development of the yacht industry in developed countries and scientifically plan and build a yacht infrastructure. Xiang Xiangrong believes that parking for yachts does not necessarily require the construction of expensive floating docks and inexpensive infrastructure can contribute to the construction of a yacht society at a low price.

In recent years, Hainan has actively promoted the construction of the infrastructure of the yacht industry. Currently, the province has built 14 marinas with 1,826 berths. Liu Xiaotao presented that the provincial party committee and the provincial government attached great importance to the development of the yacht industry and took the initiative in developing and promulgating policies and regulations such as "Hainan Yacht Management Events" and "Activities for the management of yachting services for Hainan Island ".

With the advancement of the Hainan free trade zone and the construction of free trade ports with Chinese characteristics, it is expected to open a new yacht marina, said Liu Xiaotao.