New requirements from May 18, 2022 for a health code, testing and answers to questions for those traveling from Russia to China

Despite the fact that on May 5, 2022, the Chinese Embassy in Russia published an article "On testing before flights from Moscow to China. Latest requirements and frequently asked questions (third edition)" in Russian (which we previously reported), surprisingly quickly changes have appeared - on May 18, 2022, the Chinese Embassy in Russia already published new requirements in Chinese: "The latest requirements and frequently asked questions about testing before departure on flights from Moscow to China (4th edition)", but they are still in Russian could not be found in the sources of the Chinese Embassy, ​​so we offer our translation into Russian (because of this, be sure to check all information before any use directly with the Chinese Embassy in Russia).


This information may be of interest not only to citizens of Russia, but also to citizens of other countries who travel to China from other countries, since the requirements can often be similar.


Latest Requirements and Frequently Asked Questions about Pre-Departure Testing on Flights from Moscow to China (4th edition).

According to the characteristics of the recent outbreak of the Omicron variant strain, the Chinese Embassy in Russia strongly recommends that you "do not travel unnecessarily." If you really need to travel to China, please observe the various epidemic prevention regulations and take reasonable measures for travel, combined with China and Russia's entry and exit policies during the epidemic. As of the date of publication of this notice (18 May 2022), the following new requirements apply to the use of health codes (or health declarations) by passengers traveling to China from Russia:


1. All passengers bound for China will have their nucleic acid test canceled 7 days prior to boarding. Now antibody testing is not required for all groups of people (including those who have not been vaccinated or incompletely vaccinated, and who have been vaccinated with inactivated or non-inactivated vaccines throughout the process). Proof of vaccination and a form of health self-examination is required.


2. All passengers traveling to China must observe strict lockdown for 7 days. Please do a test 2 days in advance (Moscow CMD) and one day in advance (Moscow GEMOTEST) before boarding. Designated testing agency 2 days before boarding: CMD (Address: Moscow, Nizhny Susalny lane, 5, building 2), designated testing agency 1 day before boarding: GEMOTEST (Address: Moscow, Rozhdestvensky Boulevard 21, building 2). For specific questions such as centralized testing and registration, please contact the respective airline. In the event of a negative nucleic acid test result on days 2 and 1, the following materials must be loaded before planting:


1. First page of the passport or travel document.


2. Identity card and residence permit.


For Chinese citizens, please provide:

1) Valid proof of residence, such as visas and green cards in Russia (for visa-free entry, you must upload a photo of the last entry/exit stamp in your passport).

2) One of the following supporting materials:

Immigration card;

Registration at the place of residence (visa on arrival);

Last entry and exit stamp in the passport;

Other identification documents confirming legal residence in Russia.


For Russian citizens, please provide one of the following documents:

A valid diplomatic or C visa.

China visas issued after November 3, 2020.

An approved residence permit that meets the requirements for traveling to China, please send it in advance to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., subject line: health code + residence permit + applicant's name.

Once approved, please download the provided health code application materials.


3. Nucleic acid testing report issued by the testing agency in English or Russian, only 2 copies, i.e. on the 2nd and 1st day before planting.


4. Enterprise isolation certificate (only for project personnel of Chinese enterprises in Russia).


5. Route of the ticket.

6. For those who have been infected in the past, please provide the additional materials required by "4. Frequently Asked Questions (3)" in this notice after 2 months of recovery.


7. Other documents required by the embassy and consulate in Russia.


  After receiving a green health code, passengers bound for China must undergo a rapid nucleic acid test before boarding at the airport on the day of their flight. The airline is responsible for the inspection report. For specific questions, please contact the respective airline.



(1) How to coordinate the departure time to China (return to China)?

A: During the epidemic, your timely travel will be affected by unqualified tests, temporary flight interruptions, expired documents, etc. It is recommended that you fully consider the above factors according to your own circumstances, plan departure times wisely, and reserve roundabout times due to the risk of delaying your travel Avoid passive behavior.


(2) I am a Chinese citizen in Russia, how can I confirm that I can leave the country normally with a visa or residence permit?

Answer: During the epidemic, Russian visa and residence rules have been adjusted from time to time. If it concerns a personal visa or a residence permit, pay attention to the official notice of the rules of residence in Russia or consult with the local immigration bureau through the inviting party.


(3) What to do with people who have previously been infected with the novel coronavirus?

A: You must submit two negative nucleic acid test reports 2 months prior to boarding (the interval between each nucleic acid test is more than 1 day, and there is no restriction for a nucleic acid test at a designated facility. Time from 2 months is up to based on the date of the second nucleic acid test).


(4) How to carry out self-examination before leaving? How to calculate the date of self-isolation on the 7th day before boarding?

A: Passengers traveling to China must self-isolate 7 days before boarding. The pre-boarding nucleic acid test and self-isolation times do not include the day of flight departure. If the departure date of the flight is September 10, and the seventh day before landing is September 3, then the self-isolation control time should be calculated from September 3.

(5) How do employees of corporate projects implement feedback management and state self-monitoring?

A: If the project personnel of China-financed enterprises in Russia (including central enterprises, state-owned enterprises and private enterprises) return to China, in addition to self-control 7 days before boarding, they must also pass 10 days (according to the flight departure date. Calculation minus 10 days) isolated monitoring and closed loop control, without contact with the outside world. If the nucleic acid test is positive for the first time, or symptoms appear during the quarantine period, the procedure for returning to China should be suspended immediately, and the personnel who were in close contact should do the same.


Relevant enterprises must issue quarantine certificates for those involved in the closed loop management, which include the name of the person returning to China, passport number, start and end dates, quarantine location, etc., and affix with the company's official seal. and download it when applying for a health code.


(6) Can transit personnel from a third country apply for a health code?

Answer: Due to the epidemic, the Chinese embassy and consulates in Russia will not issue health codes to those who leave Russia and transit to China through a third country, as well as those who transit to China to Russia from a third country.


(7) How to apply for a health code after receiving the test report?

Answer: Declaration channel for Chinese citizens: WeChat mini-program "International Version of the Health Code for Epidemic Prevention", declaration channel for foreign citizens:


(8) How long does it take to get the health code verification result after submitting the application materials?

A: In order to ensure the normal boarding of passengers, the Chinese Embassy and Consulates in Russia will do their best to expedite the processing. All applicants are kindly asked to wait patiently. If you do not receive a health code check result within 1 hour before boarding your flight, you can call the security number of our consulate or ask the airline for assistance on the spot. At the same time, we solemnly remind passengers at the gate to apply for a health code as soon as possible after receiving all test results and ensure that all materials are downloaded in full as needed to avoid repeated refunds and changes due to incomplete materials that affect the course of consideration.


(9) What should I do after blocking the health code app?

A: Applicants' accounts may be blocked due to fraudulent content, poor test scores, and re-uploading of content. They must wait for an unlock before applying for a health code again.


The above questions and answers are general solutions for common situations during an epidemic. The Chinese Embassy and Consulate in Russia reserves the right to interpret the above matters.



Global Center for Consular Protection and Emergency Services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: 0086-10-12308 or 0086-10-59913991

Consular protection phone of the embassy in Russia: 0074999518661

Consular protection phone number of the Consulate General in St. Petersburg: 0078127137605

Consular protection phone number of the Consulate General in Khabarovsk: 0074212340572

Consular protection phone number of the Consulate General in Yekaterinburg: 0079221509999

Consular protection phone number of the Consulate General in Irkutsk: 0079647301058

Consular protection phone number of the Consulate General in Vladivostok: 0079020780873

Consular protection phone number of the Consulate General in Kazan: 0079172734789

Disclaimer: The above information is for reference only, be sure to check all information before any use directly with the Chinese Embassy in Russia