Dangerous situations with card in WeChat: if your mobile phone has these 4 situations, it is possible that your data could be stolen

Mobile payment has really brought great convenience to people's lives. If you want to use mobile payment, you need to link a bank card in platforms such as Alipay or WeChat. But the development of science and technology is a double-edged sword: it not only brings convenience to people's lives, but also conceals hidden dangers in them.


Especially for users whose bank cards are linked to WeChat or Alipay, it is very likely that their funds and personal information will be stolen, resulting in losses. For card users linked to WeChat, please pay attention to the following four situations. If one of the following four situations occurs on a user's mobile phone, it may be because the mobile phone is being monitored for identity theft or money theft.


1. Unfamiliar phone numbers appear in the address book.

 Generally speaking, each person's mobile phone address book stores familiar and known people, and unfamiliar numbers usually do not appear in the user's mobile phone address book. However, if unfamiliar numbers appear in the mobile phone's address book, the reason is probably that the mobile phone is being monitored.


 When criminals act, they need to rely on an intermediate point to operate, and a mobile phone number is an intermediate point of transmission when a mobile phone is hacked. This situation is not inevitable. When using a mobile phone, you should not click on some unknown websites or links in order not to introduce viruses to your phone.



2. Invite strangers for friendship in Wechat. WeChat, as social software, is a tool for connecting with friends. In the WeChat address book of many people, most people will not have strangers and will not agree to unfamiliar friend requests.


As long as WeChat users do not have certain settings, a confirmation message will be sent when adding friends. When there are people on your WeChat friends app that you don't know, you need to be more vigilant. Since criminals can only find personal WeChat through their mobile phone numbers and want to add WeChat for users, these criminals can use this to extort money from users.


3. Noises or echoes are heard during a call.

 When making a call, there may be some noise during the call due to the environment, but there is also a possibility that the mobile phone is being tapped. When the mobile phone signal is relatively stable and there are no headphones, there is usually no noise during a call.


4.Abnormal data consumption by mobile phones.

Most applications on mobile phones now require traffic support for normal use, and it is possible to check the traffic usage status of various applications on mobile phones. If the user does not perform operations that consume large amounts of data, but when checking the data usage, he finds that mobile phone data is consumed in large quantities, the traffic is consumed by these invisible applications.


Due to the current use of Wi-Fi, many people's data costs are very limited, but if their mobile phone's data volume increases dramatically within a certain month, users should check the data usage of various software through the mobile phone's settings. If you find abnormal data consuming software, you can uninstall this software to restrict the network and also check if the mobile phone is at risk of being tracked.


There is now a close relationship between mobile phones and personal bank accounts, and criminals are more likely to steal money by hacking into a mobile phone. In life, when using a mobile phone, you should use it in a standardized way, go to the usual application store to download software, do not install software from unknown sources, and do not browse websites with false information. Also, don't lend your phone to strangers.