China's first Medtronic Innovative Medical Therapy Center based in Boao on Hainan

China's first Medtronic Innovative Medical Therapy Center is based on Hainan Island in the Boao Lechen International Medical Tourism Area. The center will feature world-leading treatment methods such as atrial fibrillation.


 Medtronic is a global leader in medical technology, services and solutions, focusing on providing quality and affordable medical solutions to more home patients through innovation and collaboration. Medtronic Innovative Therapy Center, located on the first floor of Boao Hospital, is the only Medtronic facility in China.


 Lin Song, vice president of Medtronic Greater China Group for Cardiovascular Diseases, said the opening of the Medtronic Innovative Therapy Experience Center is an active attempt at a joint pilot area between Medtronic and Boao Hospital.


Gu Gang, director of the Xianyang District Administrative Bureau, said that the creation of the Medtronic Innovation Therapy Center took full advantage of the location benefits, environmental benefits, policy benefits, and the advantages of the national functional platform, and expressed hope that Boao Super Hospital and Medtronic will be able to fully utilize their respective benefits. Unique advantages, expansion of business cooperation in the field of innovation and application of medical technologies, introduction of more and more advanced medical equipment, promotion of the active development of the medical industry, as well as acceleration of international medical tourism of world level and treatment.


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