Hainan has set 14 key development objectives for the 14th five-year plan

The Fourteenth Five-Year National Economic and Social Development Plan for Hainan Province and the Five Long-Term Goal Plan (hereinafter referred to as the “Plan”) were reviewed and approved at the fourth session of the Sixth Provincial People's Congress held recently. creating a free trade port policy system; deep integration and a new development model; accelerating the construction of a modern industrial system; implementing a development strategy based on innovation; creating an international tourist center of consumption; creating a first-class business environment; deepening reforms in key areas; fully implementing the rural revitalization strategy districts; promote regional coordination and the development of new urbanization; help improve the quality and modernization of the infrastructure of the "five networks"; build a pilot zone of ecological civilization; accelerate the elimination of deficiencies in public services meadow; make every effort to improve cultural strength; coordinate development and security.


It is also a pivotal five years for the province to build a free trade port with Chinese characteristics, high quality and high standards, as well as the implementation of the phased key tasks of forming an early harvest. The main objectives of the "14th Five-Year Plan" period are: the initial creation of a system of free trade port policy. By the present time, a high-level system of public cultural services and a cultural industry have been formed, positive progress has been made in the revival of rural areas. Energy levels in central cities such as Haikou and Sanya have improved. The complex development of the economic circle "Haicheng Vending" and "Big Sanya" has intensified. The urbanization rate of the resident population has increased to 65%. The environmental quality continued to be at the national level and the concentration of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) dropped to 11 micrograms / m3. The per capita disposable income of residents is growing by an average of 10% per year. The level of education of the population continues to grow: the average duration of education of the working-age population is 11.5 years, and the average life expectancy is 81 years. The rule of law in Hainan and the construction of a secure Hainan have produced remarkable results. Social governance, especially the level of governance at the grassroots level, has improved significantly.


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