Foreign investment in Hainan Island, China doubled in 2020

In 2020, investments in Hainan from 80 countries and regions have doubled compared to the same period in 2019. Following the announcement of the Hainan Free Trade Port General Plan on June 1, 2020, the “circle of friends” of global cooperation in Hainan expanded rapidly. Last year, 80 countries and regions invested in the province, double the increase over the same period last year. Over the past three years, investors from 89 countries and regions have invested in the province.


According to statistics, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, the United States, Singapore and Canada were the top five sources of investment for foreign- owned enterprises in Hainan last year. Foreign-owned enterprises investing in our province have covered all G20 member states, including European countries such as the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and nearly half of the countries along the Belt and Road.


With the constant expansion of the “circle of friends” of global cooperation, Hainan's foreign capital market has grown substantially, and the actual use of foreign capital has grown rapidly. In 2020, Hainan Island, China had 1,005 foreign-invested start-ups, up 197.3% from a year earlier, accounting for 67.2% of the total foreign-invested start-ups since April 13, 2018. and 50% of the total number of newly established enterprises with foreign investment in the last 10 years. This is a new high since the establishment of the provincial special economic zone. Especially after the Hainan Free Trade Port General Plan was announced, a number of important favorable policy measures attracted the attention of foreign investors. From June to December, 855 foreign-invested enterprises were established in Hainan Island, China. The actual use of foreign capital in Hainan exceeded US $ 3 billion last year, an increase of 100% over last year, doubling in three consecutive years, and the use of foreign capital reached an all-time high.


Based on the number of countries and regions that have invested in our province in recent years, the number of countries and regions investing in Hainan has increased rapidly, including 19 in 2017, 29 in 2018, 40 in 2019 and 80 in 2020. ... Over the past three years in Hainan Island, China invested a total of investors from 89 countries and regions of the world, including 25 Asian countries and regions such as Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Israel, India, Thailand and Hong Kong of my country, Macau and Taiwan, United Kingdom, France and Germany, Italy , Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia and other 22 European countries, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru and other 18 American countries, South Africa, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and other 20 African countries, Australia, New Zealand, etc. 4 Oceania countries ... Among them Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, USA, Singapore and Russia are among the top five in terms of the number of companies founded. Countries and regions of Asia have the largest number of enterprises set up in our province, accounting for over 60% of the number of newly established foreign-funded enterprises in the province; Europe and the United States are showing the fastest growth, with the number of business start-ups growing from 33 to 280, an increase of 8.5 times.


The Haikou Global Trade Window is the first operator of the Hundred Countries, Thousand Enterprises plan in Hainan Island, China. Currently, 83 foreign-funded enterprises from 32 countries and regions, including the United States, Britain, New Zealand, France and Australia, have settled and their investments are related to trade, tourism, culture, education, medicine and other areas.


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