Hainan Airlines, a company from Hainan Island, China, for the first time, became the leader of Fortune China Top 500 in 2018 and became one of the world's 10 largest air companies

Fortune Chinese Network released the latest list of Fortune China Top 500, according to this study, the total operating income of 500 companies registered in China in 2018 reached 39.65 trillion. Yuan, which is 18.22% more than last year. The annual revenue threshold for listed companies in 2018 was 13.864 billion yuan, an increase of 22.44% after the first breakthrough in 2017 by $ 10 billion. According to Fortune China Top 500, China's most profitable companies are the following: Sinopec, PetroChina, China Construction, and also Hainan Airlines Holdings Co., Ltd., for the first time.

It is reported that Hainan Airlines Holdings Co., Ltd. reached operating profit of 59,904,000,000 yuan, and net profit - 3,323 billion yuan in 2017. The rating grew from 162 in the previous year, Hainan Airlines Holdings Co., Ltd. started its operations in Hainan and opened 1,050 domestic and international routes, and the market share of the domestic aviation enterprise reached 17.99%. She won five-star SKYTRAX characteristics seven times and became one of the 10 largest airlines in the world.

The list of Fortune China Top 500 was compiled by Fortune (Chinese version) in cooperation with the CICC Fund Management Department, taking into account the performance and achievements of the largest Chinese companies listed on the stock exchange in the world for 2017.