Industrial investment in Hainan Island, China up 25% in 2020

The Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology reported that industrial investment in Hainan Province increased 25% in 2020, ranking third in China. The investment growth rate was 2.8 percentage points, and the contribution rate reached 34.7%. In 2020, the provincial department of industry and information technology will accelerate the creation of blockchain pilot projects and present a series of blockchain industry development policies and measures to facilitate clustering of the blockchain industry.


Last year, the province's internet industry revenue hit the 100 billion yuan target ahead of schedule and is expected to reach 121.9 billion yuan for the full year, up 48% from last year; the entire oil and gas industry is expected to grow to 105.5 billion yuan during the year, and the pharmaceutical industry's exports increased 110% over the same period last year. The industry is also accelerating smart transformation. The Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology has also closely integrated free trade port policies to encourage industrial investment.


In 2020, the province's industry and information industry signed 120 projects during the year, accounting for 38.2% of the province's signed projects. of these, 16 are among the world's 500 largest companies, central enterprises and large state-owned enterprises, 14 and 16 enterprises receive foreign funding. Hainan Province has also promoted the quality development of small and medium-sized enterprises, established 247 specialized and special new enterprises, and 5 of them were selected to the national specialized and special bank of new giant enterprises in 2020.


High-tech enterprises in the field of industry and information, as well as design enterprises, account for up to 80%. In 2020, Hainan Province will focus on new 5G infrastructure and accelerate the rise of the province's informatization. Hainan province has accumulated over 7000 physical 5G base stations and over 10,000 logical base stations. Overall coverage of 5G application scenarios achieved. The number of users of 5G packages in the province has exceeded 1.3 million; and the second round of optical network construction A three-year special promotion was held to promote optical networks.


The construction investment amounted to 3.69 billion yuan, and 29 key tasks, including the expansion of the backbone network and the construction of a gigabit city, were successfully completed. It is reported that in terms of the development of new "plastic bans" production facilities, currently 7 enterprises for the production of alternative "plastic bans" products have been launched in Hainan province, and 7 projects have been implemented, forming a production capacity for the production of film bags in the amount of about 36 800 tons / year, and the capacity for the production of tableware is about 8500 tons / year.


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