Sanya City, Hainan, China ranked first in China in terms of business environment

The National Development and Reform Commission of China has launched the 2020 China Business Environment Report and a National Conference to Promote Work on Optimizing the Business Environment. The experiences and practices of Sanya City in optimizing the business environment for cross-border trade were selected as “Best Practice”.


China Business Environment Report 2020 is the first authoritative national report on business environment assessment in China. It is the first to systematically present the Chinese business environment assessment system and assessment methods, and systematize progress in assessing the business environment in China in recent years. Achievements, processes and best practices of various provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly subordinate to the central government, especially cities involved in the reform of "decentralization, administration and service" reform and optimization of the business environment, are summarized and refined. Among them, "Best Practices" codified reforms, best practices and innovative practices in 18 key areas, such as starting a business.


In the area of ​​cross-border trade, Sanya City has continuously improved the level of customs clearance through national customs integration reform, paperless customs clearance reform, and reform of the “pre-declaration” and “two-step declaration” customs clearance regime. Implementation of a port surveillance model after inspection and quarantine of duty-free goods, implementation of “inspection and inspection” reform and strengthening the impact of duty-free policy, implementation of telecommunications quarantine for arriving cruise ships and innovative application of tariff guarantee insurance system in the field of tariff guarantees for yachts abroad ...


Participation in the China Business Environment Report 2020 is a national recognition of the city's innovative measures to optimize the business environment and serves as a guide for other regions to optimize the business environment. In recent years, Sanya City has viewed business environment optimization as a key project to promote high-quality economic and social development, with a focus on systems integration and innovation, continuous improvement of business environment systems construction, smoothing communication channels between government and enterprises, with a focus on reducing linkages. , reducing time and reducing costs, using institutional reforms to manage business processes and reengineering service processes, introducing a number of measures to simplify reforms in areas closely related to the production and functioning of market actors, as well as optimizing the market environment, increasing the efficiency of public services, improving regulatory systems and strengthening the rule of law. Clear results were achieved in areas such as security, continued to increase its new attractiveness to market participants and further stimulated the vitality of market participants, providing a powerful force for firm implementation of the Six Guarantees and the pursuit of economic and social development goals.


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