Buy multifunctional infrared thermometer with large measuring range in China at the lowest prices

The Chinese company 三亚 谢尔盖 网络 信息 技术 有限公司 together with the Russian company Pragma from Moscow, Russia provide full logistics, information and consulting services for the supply of thermometers from Chinese manufacturers to all categories of consumers in Russia and other countries.

We present to your attention one of the best models of infrared thermometers - SMART SENSOR, designed specifically for multifunctional measurements in the temperature range from -50 to 750 degrees Celsius, but the whole family can use it to measure body temperature. The SMART SENSOR thermometer is compact and very durable so that you can also take it with you to work and on business trips.
Having detected a high temperature, the SMART SENSOR thermometer gives a special signal and changes the color of the backlight of its screen depending on the temperature detected in the patient - from green to red.

The SMART SENSOR thermometer detects the exact temperature at a distance of up to half a meter from the measured object.
Measurement method: frontal and remote
Measurement time: 1 second
Sound signal: yes
Memory: 10 last measurements
Automatic shutdown: yes
The charge level is displayed, all buyers are satisfied and note the ease of use in a variety of operating conditions.
Price: from 15USD for 1 thermometer

Minimum lot: 100 pieces
All deliveries go directly from the manufacturer's factory in China at the address, that you specify.
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