The company LLC "ISOTHERM-SERVICE" is a licensed service center for the maintenance, repair of modern cosmetology, medical equipment

Created: 26 June 2023

ISOTHERM-SERVICE LLC is a licensed service center for the maintenance and repair of modern cosmetology and medical equipment.
The company employs highly qualified specialists of various profiles.
Engineers of LLC "ISOTHERM-SERVICE" have more than 20 years of experience in the field of warranty, post-warranty maintenance of medical equipment, take various advanced training courses. The authorized center is equipped with modern equipment for diagnostics and repair of various types of equipment.

Our service center serves cosmetology, medical equipment of leading Russian medical centers, beauty salons and private clinics, as well as cooperates with budget and trading organizations.
One of our clients is a well-known trading company under the brand ZELTIQ. The main task of ISOTHERM-SERVICE LLC is to ensure the absolute reliability of medical equipment, errors in the operation of which are unacceptable.

ISOTHERM-SERVICE LLC is actively developing. We monitor the intellectual, technological improvement of the service center. In their work, the company's specialists use advanced methods of diagnostics, equipment repair, which allows us to provide customers with a full range of necessary high-quality services.
We offer customers two schemes of cooperation:
-one-time maintenance of medical and cosmetology equipment;
-subscription service with regular prevention, maintenance of equipment.
The service center for the repair of medical equipment LLC "ISOTHERM-SERVICE" is open to anyone who is associated with working on medical diagnostic, therapeutic and other devices, is responsible for their operation, diagnosis, repair, purchase, quality control or execution of contracts and documentation of medical facilities:

Doctors of state medical institutions and private practice,
Heads of departments,
Chief Physicians and Deputy Chief Physicians
Managers of clinics and medical centers,
Senior nurses,
Service engineers for the repair of medical equipment
Medical technicians (and maintenance and adjustment specialists)
Managers of the economic part
Heads of departmental health facilities
Contractual contractual departments, legal and economic services
Sales specialists,
Service center for repair and maintenance of medical equipment and medical equipment
We will be happy to help you, advise you on solving technical issues, preparing documents, repair, maintenance, diagnostics and any other issues.