Dengue fever on Hainan Island, China - as locals in Haikou and Sanya identify cases, rule of three

Lin Daojun, director of the infectious diseases department of Hainan Provincial Children's Hospital, answered questions about the prevention and treatment of high-risk groups dengue fever such as children and pregnant women.


Earlier, we wrote about the number of cases and the chronology of dengue in Haikou and Sanya:,-china,-in-september-2019-105-cases-in-haikou,-sanya-is-not


Lin Daojun said that the typical symptoms of dengue fever are fever, rash, and the presence of “three red and three pains,” the so-called rule of three, which has long been used by residents in Hainan, China to determine the presence of dengue fever — “Three Reds” - this is redness eye, redness of the face, redness of the skin on the neck and chest. “Three pains” is a headache, pain in the eyes, musculoskeletal pain in the joints. If you have all of the symptoms listed above, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible.


Due to the inability of infants and young children to precisely complain of pain, Lin Daojun said that if the child has a temperature of 38 degrees and irritability, parents should pay attention and take the child to the hospital as soon as possible.


According to Lin Daojun, dengue will not be transmitted from person to person, and mosquitoes are the main means of transmission. Therefore we must well cope with the fight against mosquitoes, perform good household hygiene, remove garbage and water in a timely manner, use mosquito nets and mosquitoes at home, take protective measures when leaving the house, wear long pants and so on.


 Typically, patients can be cured within a week or so. Even pregnant women, if actively protected, fever does not affect the fetus. Lin Daojun said that dengue fever can be prevented by appropriate preventive measures, the public should not panic: “Now, children’s Hainan Hospital is the target medical institution for children with dengue fever. The hospital is currently fully prepared. ”


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