If your house in China is demolished - how to get compensation

In recent days, Chinese social networks have been discussing the case when one of the Chinese citizens returned after 18 years of absence to his hometown and there he learned that the apartment in the house in the village in which he was registered was demolished more than 10 years ago along with the house .


The houses of his village were demolished 11 years ago, and the villagers had already moved into the house for migrants in 2018, and no one contacted him during this period. However, the lawyer told him that he should still be paid compensation for the resettlement.


According to the demolition and resettlement implementation plan, this person was the owner of the demolished village house, therefore he is entitled to receive cash resettlement compensation or to a new apartment through an exchange of property rights. In addition, for the demolition of houses on collective land, procedures such as announcement, census, public announcement and signing of a compensation agreement are provided.


If a person cannot be contacted, then a decision on compensation must be made in accordance with the demolition plan, and the corresponding compensation must be deposited in a special account for that person, and not allocated to other persons. The demolition compensation agreement signed by others on behalf of this person is invalid because it has not been approved and ratified. Therefore, this person can file a civil suit and ask the local government and the demolition agency to sign a compensation agreement with them and pay compensation for the resettlement.


If the administrative supervision department in the area is acting indiscriminately, or if employees do not perform their duties, they can file a complaint with the supervision department of the Commission for Discipline Inspection.