Sanya and Hainan Medical Tourism News: Travel Products "Chinese Medicine and Tourism" launched in Sanya, Hainan Island, China

Sanya City began active cooperation with such cities of Hainan Island as Linshui, Baoting and Ledong in the framework of medical tourism in order to jointly launch innovative tourism products such as ecotourism, leisure tourism and medical tourism, and promote the exchange and cooperation of tourist resources between cities and counties, enrich the supply of tourism products and take measures to meet the summer tourist season.

Among them, the Sanya City Hospital cooperated with the scenic Ganshulin area in the Bethel Valley to launch the product "San Yang One-Day Tour", offering visitors Chinese experience of tropical rainforest research, special medicines in the tropical forest of Lee, interactive dance performances.

The Center for International Friendship Sanya also launched the Summer Camp for Chinese Medicine Research to provide visitors with courses on the history of Chinese medicine, methods of preparing Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, and promoting Sanya's tourist resources on the island of Hainan in China.