HNA Group and Boeing signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of aviation services in Hainan Island, China

HNA Group and Boeing held talks in Haikou and signed a cooperation agreement on a project to optimize the aviation maintenance program on Hainan Island, China.


Under the agreement, Boeing will send engineers to the HNA base to collect and evaluate data, form an optimized maintenance plan, provide appropriate training for HNA engineers, and assist and support the HNA's submission to OMP approval. The signing of the agreement will significantly improve the safe operation of the 737NG HNA fleet, significantly reduce maintenance costs, improve HNA's fleet management capabilities, and increase aircraft maintenance intervals.


Gu Gang, executive chairman of the HNA Group, said deepening cooperation with Boeing this time will contribute to the quality development of HNA. With the acceleration of the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port and the gradual introduction of policies such as inbound tourism and the opening of the seventh right of freedom, Hainan will become an important international logistics transport base, providing more opportunities for the development of the aviation industry. By combining favorable free trade port policies and relying on the one-stop aircraft maintenance base project, HNA is confident in the future development of the main aviation industry. In 2021, HNA hopes to continue to work hand-in-hand with Boeing for deeper cooperation on the 737-800 passenger transport project and other destinations to help Hainan develop into a regional international aviation hub and promote the rapid and stable development of the Free Trade aviation industry.


Gao Xixang, Vice President of Global Sales for the Boeing Civil Aircraft Group and President of Marketing and Sales in China, said Boeing always values ​​its partnership with HNA and is ready to actively respond and participate in the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port with HNA to achieve common progress. and development for both sides. Boeing highly values ​​HNA's commitment to aviation safety. The signing of the 737NG Maintenance Program Optimization Project is the most practical support and implementation of this commitment. Going forward, Boeing will work with HNA to explore additional opportunities for collaboration, build an integrated aircraft maintenance base for HNA, focus on the core aviation business, and de-icing the entire industry chain.


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