GDP statistics and general economic performance of Hainan Province, China in 2020

According to the unified reports of the National Bureau of Statistics, the regional GDP of Hainan Province, China in 2020 will be 553.239 billion yuan, up 3.5% over the previous year in constant prices. Including value added in primary industry amounted to 113.598 billion yuan, an increase of 2.0%; value added in manufacturing - 105.526 billion yuan, down 1.2%; value added in services amounted to 334.115 billion yuan, an increase of 5.7%.


Three changes in the sectoral structure amounted to 20.5: 19.1: 60.4. In 2020, 144,400 new jobs were created in the cities of Hainan Province, China, and the registered unemployment rate in the cities was 2.78%. 146 million rural workers were transferred to work. Consumer prices rose 2.3% year-over-year, factory prices for industrial producers fell 6.2%, purchase prices for industrial producers fell 8.0%, and prices for agricultural inputs rose 4%,four%. Optimization of the production structure continued.


The service sector accounted for over 60% of regional GDP, up 0.9 percentage points over the previous year. The share of investment in real estate development continued to decline, which is 2.9 percentage points lower than in the previous year. The kinetic energy conversion effect is obvious. Service value added increased by 5.7%, contributing to the economic growth of Hainan Province, China by more than 95%.


Internet retailing has grown rapidly, with retail sales of physical goods online at RMB 19.410 billion, up 91.0% from a year earlier. The number of high-tech enterprises has increased significantly: 446 new high-tech enterprises have appeared in the region, which is 48.1% more than last year. The total number of high-tech enterprises in Hainan Province, China reached 838 during the reporting period. A special subsidy of 401 million yuan was issued to combat poverty in education, 313,900 students were funded, and 64 poor households with critical reform goals were completed and relocated. 64 projects for the provision of safe drinking water have been combined and are used by 64,500 people.


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