Tourism statistics: on the island of Hainan, China in Sanya and Haikou at the moment there are 56 international flights

 Since the beginning of this year, the pace of internationalization in Hainan is accelerating, in the recent opening of international routes such as Sanya-London and Haikou-Nhajuang, now Hainan has a total of 56 foreign flights.

With the help of "Aerial Silk Road" Hainan actively builds an international tourism center, builds a world-famous convention of conventions, exhibitions and festivals and
constantly increases the competitiveness of international tourism.

Today, advertisements on tourism in Sanya are already in more than 100 London bus routes, and specialized Hainan drinks, such as Qingliang, Laoyan and Lemon, have captured the "taste buds" of the British people.

The city of Sanya joined the world famous travel agency Thomas Cook to announce a strategic partnership in London, in the summer tourist season, the opening of the Sanya-London direct flight route significantly stimulated the residents of Hainan to study and travel to Europe. At the moment the best tickets were sold out.

Yang Kun, general manager of Sanya Eurasia International Culture Communication Co., Ltd., said that he mainly deals with international cultural exchanges, foreign new media operations, and so on.
In the first half of 2018, the number of international air passengers in Hainan reached 946,000, an increase of 16.26%. A series of new tourist products, such as folk culture, medical health, wedding honeymoon, low-altitude flight, maritime tourism, Sanya City will focus on creating iconic international tourist events, diversifying products with cultural integration, improving the international service system and constantly improving the level internationalization, "said Deputy Mayor of Sanya City Xu Zhenglin.