Investment News on Hainan Island, China: Haikou City Becomes Hub of Transnational Corporations

In Haikou City, Hainan Island, China, since April 2018, investment in various sectors of the economy has been significantly increased, but attention is focused on 12 key industries, infrastructure projects, agricultural revitalization strategies, six environmental specialties and the people's livelihood, focusing on the world's 500 best companies, leading global companies-leaders and well-known brand companies.

The use of professional agencies to attract investment in business is an innovative move by Haikou in this 100-day major investment (project) event. May 18, 2018 PricewaterhouseCoopers officially settled in Haikou and became the first international professional services agency in Hainan. On June 19, Haikou and PricewaterhouseCoopers began promotional activities in Shanghai under the theme "Focus on the creative innovation of Hainan Island".

On the same day, a total of 4 conferences were held to promote special events of multinational companies, private companies, special Japanese companies and high-tech innovative companies. More than 100 multinational corporations, such as the American Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the European Union and Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Citigroup, Mizuho Bank, Hitachi, Ctrip, Spring Airlines and Fosun Group, foreign chambers of commerce in Shanghai, leading private enterprises and high-performance technologies. Innovative business participation.

It is clear that the activity to promote investment in this area is the first time when Haikou cooperates with international professional consulting agencies to promote innovative practice of trusting investment promotion. The companies participating in the advertising meeting said that the promotion would enable them to see the possibilities of Haikou and more fully understand the construction of ecological civilization, the development of tourism resources and the characteristic development of industry in Haikou, attracting people's attention, and also has a strong competitiveness and attractiveness.

In the special area of ​​high-tech innovative companies, the Jinqiu Blockchain Group expressed its willingness to invest in Haikou. At present, 16 multinational companies have already settled in Haikou, including two Fortune 500 companies, namely Alibaba and China Resources Health Group, four industry leaders - Kyushu Tong, Southwest Securities, Swiss Re Group and China Construction Investment, as well as 2 intermediary agencies.