For the first time in China, a Russian company from Sanya, Hainan developed and hosted its own applet (miniprogram) in Wechat


On the morning of October 9, 2020, for the first time in China, a Russian company 三亚 谢尔盖 网络 信息 技术 有限公司 from the city of Sanya on the island of Hainan developed and deployed its applet (小 程序 miniprogram) in Wechat without the participation of Chinese developers and programmers.


Earlier, although foreign companies hosted their applets (小 程序 miniprograms) in Wechat, a number of existing restrictions severely limited their actions and forced either to contact certified Chinese developers, or to resort to the help of the owners of Chinese companies that have Chinese servers and domains with ISP-licensed to host files of foreign miniprograms on their servers, as foreign programmers do in Shanghai, where development groups from Europe and the USA develop miniprograms, which are then placed in Wechat by Chinese companies with Chinese founders.


The Russian company 三亚 谢尔盖 网络 信息 技术 有限公司, with founders from the city of Moscow, Russia, registered in the city of Sanya on the island of Hainan, for the first time in China, in a few months was able to independently go through the entire cycle of certification, development, server design, audit and publication in WeChat miniprograms, previously developed and today published its first miniprogram, which is called "三亚 谢尔盖 网络 信息 技术 有限公司".


At the moment, the main attention in the applet (小 程序 -miniprogram) of the company 三亚 谢尔盖 网络 信息 技术 有限公司 is not paid to text and photos, but to video with special effects and video graphics, since the spread of 5G technology in China and on the island of Hainan makes it possible download informative videos, so the applet 三亚 谢尔盖 网络 信息 技术 有限公司 consists of 6 main parts - areas of work performed by компания 谢尔盖 网络 信息 技术 有限公司 in Chinese, Russian and English:


1.Creating Wechat applets (小 程序 miniprograms)


2.Creating video ads for Chinese and foreign companies


3. Create animated QR code stickers


4.Creating websites


5.Creating applets for Android and iOS


6. Creation of video ads for public events.


Please note that the above sections contain only the initial parts of advertising videos, with not very high resolution, full high resolution videos can be obtained by contacting the company компанию 谢尔盖 网络 信息 技术 有限公司 through a service session by clicking the green button “在线 咨询> ASK US> ASK> ”- service sessions are created automatically for each client and you can ask your questions there.


To enter the applet 三亚 谢尔盖 网络 信息 技术 有限公司, you need to either scan the QR code in the title of this article via Wechat, or search in WeChat miniprograms for the word "三亚 谢尔盖 网络 信息 技术 有限公司", you can watch a short video of the miniprogram following the link:


You can watch hundreds of videos of excursions on the island of Hainan here: