To further improve China's immigration management, the National Immigration Service's online portal has been launched in English at:

On this platform, all foreigners can not only read materials on Chinese immigration law in English, but also receive online advice in real time - for this, you need to press the 12367 ONLINE button. TO GO - SCAN THE CODE FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE!

The service platform 12367 of the National Immigration Management Agency is a comprehensive service platform that consistently provides advice, opinions and suggestions in the field of immigration management, and is an integrated "customer service center" for China's immigration management, addressed to all foreigners.


Due to the fact that at present, the phone numbers for consultations of the immigration management are not homogeneous, they are difficult to remember and inconvenient to dial long lines, the platform takes full advantage of the deployment of the cloud Internet and artificial intelligence technology to fully connect the national border control authorities and local public safety ... departments of immigration management.


At the same time, in line with the spirit of the Guidelines for the Further Optimization of Hotlines for the Convenience of Local Authorities prepared by the State Council Head Office, the National Immigration Administration has consolidated the 12367 service platform into sub-centers at 12345, where border control and local authorities are located. departments of the Immigration Office of Public Safety.


The hotline facilitates interaction and information exchange with the 12345 hotline platform system, and also promptly accepts and resolves professional problems and inquiries related to the 12345 hotline transfer in order to provide better, more convenient and sophisticated immigration management and government services for the masses. and to increase people's sense of benefit, happiness and security.


The English version of the website of the National Immigration Administration portal founded is an integrated, feature-rich and international platform of comprehensive online services



The 12367 service platform system will provide the caller with language and business voice navigation options in a unified manner. According to the actual needs and geographic location of the caller, the call will be handled intelligently.


If you dial 12367 from China, the system will offer both Chinese and English options to the caller. If you choose to call in Chinese, the system will offer the caller three business options: "port clearance and border crossing", "entry and exit documents" and "comments and suggestions".


Incoming calls with "port clearance and border crossing" will be answered and processed by the caller's representative at the nearest border inspection body; calls with the selected "entry-exit documents" will be answered and processed by a representative of the caller in the department of immigration administration. the public security department where the caller is located; “opinions and suggestions” calls will be handled by a call agent from the National Immigration Administration's Immigration Services Center.


Incoming calls in English will be handled by a call agent at the National Immigration Administration's Immigration Service Center. If you dial 12367 from overseas, the system will be handed over to the National Immigration Administration's Immigration Service Center Help Desk for processing.


It offers three language options, Mandarin, Cantonese and English, making it convenient for foreign citizens and people alike. from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.



The English version of the National Immigration Administration portal is an important measure taken by the National Immigration Administration to promote the internationalization, standardization and modernization of the Immigration Office, and to empower the Immigration Office.


The main channel for foreigners from China to show the style of the Chinese immigration service, publish authoritative information on the Chinese immigration service, and provide government immigration management services.


The English and Chinese versions of the portal website implement a "one-click transition" of the Chinese and English versions by setting the "language" parameter on the page. Both of these options are basically identical in terms of partition settings. Both use international blue. as the main color with an emphasis on simplicity and practicality. Released two versions, web version and mobile version, so that users can use it anytime, anywhere.

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