Swiss Pavilion will be the main guest of honor at the first Consumer Expo in Hainan, China

As we have previously reported on several occasions, the First China International Consumer Goods Show (hereinafter referred to as "Consumer Expo") will be held in Hai from May 7 to February 10, 2021 on Hainan Island, China. As the main guest country of the first consumer fair, the Swiss Confederation has entrusted the Swiss Business Center and the Swiss Trade and Investment Agency (Switzerland Global Enterprise) to participate in this exhibition.


The Swiss National Pavilion will be located at Booth 5T002, Hall 5, Hainan International Exhibition and Convention Center, Haikou City, Hainan Province. It covers an area of ​​200 square meters and will showcase the most representative elements of Swiss innovation and lifestyle in Switzerland. The pavilion will include two parts: an "interactive area" and an "exhibition area". The interactive zone houses the Swiss watch group Swatch.


The company specially invites Swiss and Chinese artists to create. Viewers can also use the creative space of its online platform - experience various themed canvases created by artists, choose any pattern you like, and finally get your own personalized watch at the Swiss National Pavilion. In addition to Swatch, the Swiss National Tourism Administration will also appear in the interactive area, which will provide a large number of Swiss art materials so that viewers can also enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the Swiss Alps in Hainan.


The exhibition area will also collectively house the world's leading manufacturers of watches, luxury goods and high-quality consumer goods, including 25 exhibitors, as well as several sponsors and independent exhibitors. They will demonstrate the high quality of Switzerland


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