HELLO KITTY Theme Park Resort - an amusement park with shows, attractions, shopping and a hotel will open in Sanya, Hainan, China in 2024

Fude Group (Holdings) Co., Ltd. and Sanrio (Shanghai) International Trading Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement.


Recently in Grand Hyatt Sanya at Haitang Bay, Fude Group (Holdings) Co., Ltd. and the international trade company Sanrio Guru (Shanghai) signed a construction contract in Sanya HELLO KITTY Theme Park Resort, marking the official establishment of the HELLO KITTY Theme Park Resort in Sanya, which will be the first international Hainan theme park of the IP brand.


Sanya HELLO KITTY Theme Park Resort will be located in Haitan Bay on the coast of Sanya, and is expected to open in 2024 and will cover theme parks, themed hotels, themed businesses, attractions, entertainment shows, gastronomic events, shopping and other formats. From project development, construction to operation, HELLO KITTY Theme Park Resort will be implemented in accordance with international standards. Given the rich resources of Sanrio, the project will include Hinan’s international advanced concepts and local cultural elements to create a colorful fantasy park.


Founded in 1960, Sanrio has a well-known cultural brand Hello Kitty, MYMELODY, LITTLE TWIN STARS, etc. This is a world-renowned character-style publisher with a long history and extensive experience in global licensing.


Fude Group was founded in Hong Kong in 1970 and was founded by renowned entrepreneur Pan Zhengzhou. Born Zhengzhou was born in Wenchang, Hainan, and from the very beginning of reforms and discoveries he invested in his native Hainan Island. Fude Group is actively involved in the development of the hotel business in Hainan, in the tourist complex, education, etc. The first hotel under the Grand Hyatt brand in Sanya, invested by the Fude Group, became one of the representatives of the luxury hotels Haitang Bay.


The Hello Kitty Theme Park Resort, which was jointly created by the Fude Group and Sanrio, is the first international resort of IP theme parks in Hainan, as well as the first comprehensive tourist resort with themed hotels, theme parks and Hello Kitty themed enterprises.


The relevant person in charge of the municipal government of Sanya, said that the park HELLO KITTY will increase the attractiveness of Sanya as an international tourist destination and will become a new landmark and a new visiting card of Sanya.


It is expected that the Hello Kitty Theme Park Resort will receive about 2 million tourists a year, which is of great importance in the process of promoting the world-famous center of tourism consumption in Hainan.


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