Russia will cancel most international flights from March 6, 2022

The Federal Air Transport Agency of Russia (Rosaviatsia) today announced a recommendation to all Russian airlines to stop operating most international flights from March 6, 2022 due to unfriendly decisions of foreign states.


As reported: “Rosaviatsia recommends that Russian airlines that have aircraft registered in the registers of foreign states under a leasing agreement with a foreign organization, from 00:00 Moscow time on March 6, 2022, temporarily suspend the transportation of passengers and cargo from points on the territory of Russia to points of foreign states".


From March 8, 2022, the Federal Air Transport Agency recommends not operating flights from abroad to Russia.


However, it was clarified that these restrictions do not affect air carriers that operate aircraft of foreign or Russian registration and there are no risks of their arrest or detention. The restrictions do not apply to foreign airlines of states that have not joined the sanctions against Russia and have not restricted air traffic with it.


Earlier, Ural Airlines announced the cancellation of all flights to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Armenia, Azerbaijan and Israel until March 26, 2022 due to the current geopolitical situation.

S7 Airlines has canceled all foreign flights since March 5, 2022. Passengers of canceled international flights can apply for a full refund of the ticket price after receiving an SMS about the cancellation of the flight.

On February 28, 2022, Aeroflot Airlines announced the cancellation of all flights to Europe.


As we previously reported (see the article on our website), Rosaviatsia organizes export flights for Russian citizens, for this you need to register in the Foreign Assistant application or call the Rostourism hotline at 8 (800) 200-34-11.