How to get an "International Tourism Health Certificate" for entering and leaving of China

The Chinese version of the International Traveler Health Certificate promotes safe and orderly personnel exchange.

The Chinese version of the International Tourism Health Certificate is a comprehensive certificate that displays the serum IgG antibody test results, vaccination status, etc. The health certificate contains an encrypted QR code for the relevant departments of different countries to check and read.

   In line with the premise of full privacy protection, the Chinese version of the WeChat mini-program "International Travel Health Certificate" was officially launched, providing mutual recognition of information such as nucleic acid testing and vaccinations.

If you need to obtain an international health certificate while traveling, you can use the following method:

Open WeChat, scan the QR code launched by the official channel to enter the mini-program, and select “View and Submit Health Certificate for International Travelers”.

 Please note that identity authentication is required before the first login, as well as passport and other travel documents that can be used not only by people returning from overseas, but also by Chinese citizens leaving the country.

The function of authenticating and requesting the Chinese version of the International Travel Health Certificate is currently only available to those with a Mainland China ID.

 The mini-program currently supports the following five valid documents: a Chinese regular passport, a Chinese diplomatic, official, and official passport, and a Chinese tourist certificate.

Foreign nationals need to first check the latest notice posted on the website of the local Chinese embassy and consulate, and then manually submit the test certificate and other materials through the international version of the health code to prevent the epidemic, and then board the flight after applying for the health statement ...

Foreign nationals must submit test certificates and other materials through the international version of the Health Code for Epidemic Prevention (URL:, submit a health statement and use it to board a plane ... For specific requirements, such as applying, refer to the notice posted on the website of your local Chinese embassy or consulate.

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