Optimization of the structure of the website or online store

Created: 13 October 2021

Optimization of the structure of a site or online store by specialists of PRAGMA LLC is important only because a good structure of a site or an online store not only leaves your customers with a pleasant impression of visiting your company's site, but, above all, a well-constructed site structure helps leading robots Internet search engines correctly and quickly index and rank the pages of your site or online store.


The internal SEO optimization of your site structure, carried out by the specialists of PRAGMA LLC, will help bring this site to the top places in the search results of the leading Internet search engines without any additional efforts and work with link exchanges. To promote your site to the first places in Internet search engines, the specialists of PRAGMA LLC will first of all create on your site a sufficiently large number of new pages with unique content, since, as practice shows, to promote any site with several tens of pages on competitive queries are either almost impossible or very expensive, because for Google and Yandex, the more good optimized pages are on your site, the faster your site will get to the first places in search results for competitive queries in these Internet search engines.


And if you want not only to get to the first places, but also to stay there, then the number of pages on your site should constantly and regularly grow, since constant growth and a sufficiently large number of pages on your site is the best "positive characteristic" of the site for search engines , which can not be bought for no amount of money.


We will help you to make the structure of your site the most convenient for search robots, since search engine robots very rarely index pages of websites that are at the 3rd or more level. We will also compile the most convenient map of your site for search engine robots and carry out internal linking of site pages, which will allow the robot to index new site pages in one visit.


The cost of PRAGMA LLC services to optimize the functionality of a site or online store is from 25 thousand rubles per month - to order this service, write to e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.