Tornado swept over the city of Danzhou on the island of Hainan, China a few tens of kilometers from the Hainan nuclear power plant - video


While the whole Hainan province was watching the typhoon, at about 4 a.m. on August 29, 2019, a powerful tornado swept over the city of Danzhou on Hainan Island, China, several tens of kilometers from Hainan NPP at a speed of over 200 km per hour.


The tornado suffered the most damage at the intersection of Zhongxing Street and Industrial Street of Danzhou City - see the consequences of this tornado at the top of this article, where you can see the fallen pillars, the destroyed roofs and walls of houses.


  This tornado swept just a few tens of kilometers from Changjiang Nuclear Power Plant - the only operating nuclear power plant on Hainan Island, which is located on the coast of the South China Sea in Changjiang Lisk Autonomous County of Hainan Province.  


A tornado is a very strong vortex system with a small spatial scale, high speed of movement, great randomness in generation and development, as well as forecasting. The Chinese meteorological industry standard "Torsion Strength Grade" QX / T478-2019 was introduced on August 1. The standard was developed by the Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences and the National Meteorological Center and is based on the US EF rating, based on the characteristics of a natural disaster in China and based on the principles of standardization, practicality and operation.


When a tornado occurs, you must immediately leave open spaces and easily constructed dwellings. If you are in a car, you should immediately leave for the low zone, but the car itself cannot withstand the power of a tornado. If you encounter a tornado in an open area, you should lie away from large trees, telephone poles and other easily blown away objects. Underground buildings such as basements, subways and bomb shelters are safe havens.  


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