Extortion in China: where to complain and what punishment

When someone encounters extortion, they must call the police to deal with it and actively provide evidence to cooperate with the police investigation.


Those who extort public or private property or extort a large amount or repeatedly should be sentenced to up to three years in prison, public supervision, and should also be fined.


Legal basis: Article 274 of the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China on extortion of public and private property, if the amount is large or multiple extortion is committed, the perpetrator shall be sentenced to imprisonment for up to three years, criminal imprisonment or public supervision, and shall also be fined or fined separately; if the amount is large or there are other serious circumstances, he shall be sentenced to a term of imprisonment of at least three years but not more than ten years, and shall also be fined; if the amount is particularly large or if there are other particularly serious circumstances, the perpetrator must be sentenced to imprisonment for a term of not less than ten years, as well as to a fine.


Legal notice in Chinese:


《中华 人民 共和国 刑法》 第二百七十四 敲诈勒索 公私 财物 , 数额 较 大 或者 多 次 敲诈勒索 , 处 年 以下 有期 徒刑 、 拘役 或者 , 并处 或者 罚 金 ; 数额 或者 有 有 或者 或者 或者 或者 其他 严重 情节 的 , 处 三 以上 十 年 以下 有期 徒刑 , 并 处 罚 ; 数额 特别 或者 有 其他 特别 严重 情节 的 处 十 年 有期 徒刑 , 并 罚 金。