Growth rate of market participants in Hainan province ranked 1st in China with 1.2 million participants

The Provincial Party Committee's Deep Reform Office (Office of the Free Trade Port Working Committee) held a press conference on the 11th batch of innovation cases in the Hainan Free Trade Port in Haikou, and released a new batch of 8 projects - system innovation cases. At the moment, there are 111 examples of institutional innovation in Hainan. Hainan uses systems thinking and direct fund management concepts to integrate budget management systems throughout the entire process, and has implemented integrated budget management reforms since 2019. Hainan is the first province to implement province-wide budget management integration.


It links directly to the townships vertically, connects finance and related departments horizontally, centrally manages and integrates fiscal data, and innovates the budget management model adopted by the Ministry of Finance and replicated across the country. The main methods include the creation of a backup mechanism for the implementation of the management of expenditure projects; the use of information technology to improve the efficiency of budget management; building a closed loop control to achieve dynamic tracking and feedback; Creation of a four-level library of projects to achieve uniform design and management throughout the project. provinces. Integrated fiscal budget management in the province has facilitated the standard and safe use of fiscal funds.


About 3 million payments are made annually, involving more than 200 billion yuan of funds, and there were no mistakes, which improved the efficiency of the use of funds. With regard to the current market prices for the construction and operation of the integrated budget management, after the implementation of this systemic innovation, the construction costs can be reduced by about 100 million yuan, which saves more than 67% of the operating costs of the integrated budget management annually. The main methods include establishing a single provincial approval system; promoting an “integrated office”, “parallel office” and “commitment office”; creating a single standard of approval for the entire province, promoting "standardized office", "transparent" office "and" quick office ". The province's unified information platform promotes “online governance”, “one-door governance” and “code-based governance”.


The points of approval of the entire process in cities and counties were reduced from almost 100 points before the reform to 67 points; the project approval timeline was shortened and the approval timeline for the complete process was reduced from the original over 200 points. working days up to 86, 70, 54 and 28 working days, respectively; Understand that 100% of the approval items can be requested throughout the entire project process, and the item count and time-consuming approval can be tracked in real time. Hainan promotes the integrated declaration of 6 types of taxes (fees), including value added tax, and the integrated declaration of 10 types of taxes, including the tax on the use of urban land. He was the first in the country to introduce an “integrated declaration form + integrated form”. Declaration form + two profit tax returns "minimalistic declaration system (hereinafter referred to as" two forms + two taxes "declaration system), taxpayers need only two types of declarations to fill in 16 tax (levies) tax returns.


As a result, the number of submitted declarations and materials is reduced, which significantly reduces the burden on taxpayers. Taxpayers can annually reduce the number of declarations by 1,886,600, that is, by 71.24%. In the province, 302,200 taxpayers can use the six-in-one tax return form to create integrated returns that cover all corporate taxpayers; 127,300 taxpayers can be filed using the "ten taxes in one" declaration form, which significantly reduces the time of declaration. Following the introduction of the “two forms” innovation, the integrated declaration system has improved the function of intelligently determining tax deductions and exemption codes. Taxpayers do not need to fill out information on tax deductions and incentives for each tax category, which ensures convenient filing In December 2020 alone, the declared tax incentive reached 9.76.100 million yuan.


As of January 2021, the tax refund was paid in the amount of RMB 24.638 million for the Yuan Lan Bei international shipping vessel registered in the “Yangpu port of China” using the tax-deposit bond model. The international shipping vessel was reimbursed. And my country's largest oil tanker, Ocean Guiyang, received tax refunds of 70.27 million yuan and 47.15 million yuan, respectively, with a total tax refund of about 142 million yuan. Two other international shipping vessels can receive tax refunds within 24 hours after registration and declaration of businesses. Sanya City in Hainan Province has implemented the principle of "one ship, one shipyard" for maritime tourism throughout the territory, breaking the barriers of various regulatory bodies and improving the integrated, informatized, accurate, intelligent and collaborative management and control. the level of tourist passenger ships.


Key practices include cross-sectoral, cross-sectoral, cross-sectoral resource integration, data exchange and the implementation of an integrated co-management mechanism for passenger ships and other passenger ships; comprehensive, versatile, all-weather, unredeemed. inductive and non-contact precise supervision, as well as the implementation of sea tourism. Intellectual supervision outside the facility "Unified Code for Courts"; tourists, ship owners and supervisory departments can scan, check and comment at any time at any time, and realize co-management and co-management of instant interaction, instant connection and instant control. This systemic innovation comprehensively improves the quality of maritime tourism services, greatly enhances the efficiency of maritime tourism supervision, provides tourists with an interactive consumption experience, and creates standardized, efficient, transparent and high quality maritime tourism. business environment.


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