In China there is a rush to buy real estate in Russia

Over the past few days, there have been many messages on Chinese social networks about how profitable it is now for the Chinese to buy property in Russia (see screenshots in the photo below).


It all started from the day when the ruble fell sharply and one of the Chinese students in Russia wrote that he managed to buy a beautiful one-room apartment of 33 square meters in the center of a good regional center in Russia for only 10 vans (100,000 yuan), which corresponds now to the price of 2 square meters in his hometown in China.


 But the main excitement in China was caused not by the low price of this apartment due to the fall of the ruble, but by the fact that the Russian apartment did not have a common area, as is customary in China, so this apartment in Russia is now equivalent to an apartment with an area of ​​50 square meters in China . Since in China, people, in addition to their own actual area of ​​​​an apartment, always pay the same money for the total area as for the actual area of  the apartment.


After that, information began to spread like an avalanche on Chinese social networks and there were many who wanted to go to Russia to buy housing there, here are typical comments from the Chinese:


-Is it easy to learn Russian to go to Russia?


-I really want to buy an apartment in Russia. Is there high consumption? Is everything okay with the environment? Is Russian difficult?


-If I were in Russia right now, I would buy two apartments.


-Is it easy to learn Russian? I also go to Russia


-I also want to go to Russia