Wechat: how to register as a foreigner and verify the account

WeChat is a free application that Tencent launched on January 21, 2011 to provide instant messaging services for smart terminals. It was created by the Tencent Guangzhou R&D Center product development team led by Zhang Xiaolong.


WeChat supports cross-communication operators and cross-operating system platforms to quickly send free voice messages, videos, images, and texts over the Internet. WeChat provides features such as public platforms, friend moments, and sending messages.


Users can add friends and follow the public platform, while WeChat shares content with friends.


WeChat has now become very popular, but there are still many people who have never used the WeChat app, and even many mobile phone users do not know how to register WeChat.




1. Before registering a WeChat account, you need to download the WeChat app. Android phone users can download it on Baidu Mobile Assistant, and Apple phone users need to download it on the App Store on Apple phones;


2. After the download of the WeChat APP is completed, open the WeChat APP directly, select "Register" in the main interface of the WeChat APP, and enter the registration interface;


3. Enter your personal name, mobile phone number (must be your own mobile phone number), login password, and select the next step in the WeChat registration interface;


4. Check "I have read and agree to the above terms" in the WeChat privacy advice interface, and click "Next";


5. Finally, follow the prompts on the WeChat interface to send a text message to your mobile phone, and select "I sent a text message" on the interface to complete the WeChat account registration.


6.After that, your account must be verified, this can only be done by a WeChat user who meets the conditions:


A. Account registration period is more than six months.

B. The account is open for payment via WeChat.

C. The account did not help other people to additionally check registrations for the last month.

D. The account has not been blocked for the last month.


There are two verification methods, one is verification by scanning the code, and the other is entering the WeChat team to help verify.


If your mobile number has been registered to a WeChat account, just follow the WeChat prompt to register again.


Since the WeChat ID must now be authenticated by your real name, the mobile phone number used to register a WeChat account must be a mobile phone number that is authenticated by your real name.

Do not use a virtual mobile phone number provided by the operator. to register a WeChat account.


Also, after downloading and installing the WeChat software on your mobile phone, you can choose the following WeChat registration methods according to your personal needs:


QQ USERS: directly enter your QQ number and password in the WeChat login interface, and complete the registration according to the prompts;


NON-QQ USERS: On the WeChat login page, select "Don't have a QQ number? Use mobile phone number to register"/"Create a new account" = "Enter your mobile phone number, follow the instructions to complete registration (Currently supports mobile phone numbers in over 100 countries around the world.

      Note. Each QQ account can only be registered and linked to one official or private WeChat account