Largest cross-border e-commerce center in Hainan opened in Tianya Haijiao Tourism Zone, Sanya

Tianya Haijiao Tourism Zone has emerged as Sanya's largest cross-border e-commerce hub, where more than 2,000 cross-border goods sparked consumer demand for tourists - Qubai Global Tianya Haijiao Cross-Border E-Commerce Center was officially completed and opened, jointly built by Sanya Tourism and Culture Investment Group and Qubai Global. It has a working area of ​​over 5,000 square meters and an in-house display of cross-border e-commerce products - over 2,000 products, including cosmetics, skin care products, luggage, leather goods, watches, glasses, health products, alcohol, travel goods, products for pregnant women and children, sunscreens, etc.


You don't need airline tickets - you only need to show ID to make a purchase, according to Zuo Guanghui, the global offline specialist in charge of Qubai, cross-border e-commerce product prices are free of duty.


Tourists can directly place an order on the e-commerce platform with their ID card and receive goods conveniently on the mainland. Currently, customers are placing an order for the purchase of cross-border goods on the cross-border e-commerce platform. The annual limit per person is 26,000 yuan and the one-day limit is 5,000 yuan. This limit does not conflict with the tax exemption limit, which is very convenient. Recall that international e-commerce has strict rules: the name of the person who placed the order must match the name of the bank card holder and the recipient associated with the payment unit, otherwise the transaction will not be successful.


Sanya is the main city of the fifth series of integrated cross-border e-commerce pilot zones in the country. Tianya Haijiao Cross-Border E-Commerce Center is an innovative effort by Sanya Tourism and Culture Group to further introduce "tourism + duty-free" after the establishment of the cross-border e-commerce industrial park company on June 3. According to Zheng Konghui, Tianya Haijiao Tourism Zone aims to create a 5A level national scenic spot. As the largest cross-border shopping mall in Sanya, Tianya Haijiao Cross-border E-commerce Experience City will add important commercial elements to the scenic location, enrich the scenic location format, adding a new engine to create an international tourism consumer hub.


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