Hainan Province restricts entry to the island of cars from other provinces of China

To promote the construction of a pilot zone of national ecological civilization, improve the quality of Hainan’s ecological environment and rational distribution of traffic resources, Hainan Province is introducing measures to restrict the entry of cars from other provinces of China to the island.


 During the transition period until December 31, 2020, the owner or driver of a passenger car with a license plate from other provinces in China can request entry to Hainan through the website of the Public Security Department’s Traffic Management Department and the public WeChat number, which must include: Driving License, Organization code or business license of the owner, ID and residence document.


The restriction of entry to the island does not apply to cars running on new energy sources, police cars, ambulances, fire engines, rescue vehicles.


If false information is provided, the public traffic department of the public safety authority will cancel the entry permit. The act on the provision of false information and materials in violation of relevant laws and regulations must be submitted to the relevant departments for accountability in accordance with laws and regulations.