China Tianya Haijiao International Wedding Festival to be held in Sanya, Hainan in November 2020

On the afternoon of September 20, 2020, a press conference of the 24th China Sanya Tianya Haijiao International Wedding Festival was held, at which it was announced that the 2020 wedding festival will be held from November 27 to 30. During this time, ten themed events will be held to further enhance the brand's value of the event.


A number of major brands in the wedding industry will assist this wedding festival throughout the entire process, helping the event become international, professional and fashionable.


During this event, the China Wedding Photography Industry Forum “End of the World” will be held, will continue to bring together national experts in the wedding photography, tourism industry, make a big name for itself in Sanya, lead and promote the industry and innovation , he will partner with Sina Weibo Wedding to publish the World Wedding Photography & Travel Industry Index.


In addition, the annual wedding ceremony awards will select the best works, companies or individuals in the development of the Sanya wedding tourism industry in 2020, the best online celebrity photographers, best designs and most popular excellent planners and designers in Sanya in 2020, the addition of the Spanish international wedding brand Pronovias.


It is worth noting that this year's wedding festival will also co-sponsor the 2020 premiere of Love TA, together with Bride Fashion magazine. This is reportedly the first in-house segmented compilation of an urban and emotional film, bringing together affection, friendship, love, gratitude and other emotions. GE known The Japanese wedding planning agency, which was previously based in Sanya, will also release the Sanya 2020 Japanese-style fashion wedding products during the wedding festival.


"China Tianya Haijiao Sanya International Wedding Festival" is a tourism festival organized by the Sanya Municipal Government in November and December every year since 1996, which combines wedding tourism and honeymoon.


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