Two restaurants in Haikou, Hainan, China were fined for smoking 9999 yuan each

In Haikou, they organized a special campaign to check smoking bans in public places.


At 9 o'clock in the evening a team of inspectors recently came to the tea restaurant for the first time and found that many visitors of the tea restaurant were holding cigarettes in their hands, talking and laughing, cigarette butts were lying on the ground. The restaurant was fined 9,999 yuan for smoking in public places.


Then the team of inspectors came to the Internet cafe and found that, although there were many signs prohibiting smoking at the Internet cafe, there were still customers who turned a blind eye and slowly smoked cigarettes, and there were many cigarette butts.


In this regard, the Haikou City Administration issued a fine of 9999 yuan at an Internet cafe and asked the person in charge of the Internet cafe to correct the situation as soon as possible and do everything possible to combat tobacco.


Inspectors in the future will conduct repeat visits to make sure that corrections take place and at the same time strengthen tobacco control in public places such as Internet cafes, restaurants and train stations.


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