Hainan International Coconut Industry Development Forum held for the first time in Haikou on Hainan Island, China

The Hainan International Forum on the Cooperative Development of the Coconut Industry in 2019 and the 4th annual conference of the Strategic Alliance for Innovation in the Coconut Industry took place on December 11, 2019 in Haikou.


Hainan coconut processing enterprises must take advantage of Hainan's geographical and political advantages in order to have the courage to go abroad and build bases for coconut planting and primary processing abroad.


Many experts and scientists from China and abroad created the “Permanent Website of the International Forum on Cooperation and Development of the Coconut Industry”, combined the resources of the coconut industry of domestic countries and countries of Southeast Asia, increased the potential for independent innovation and the main competitiveness of the coconut industry in China, and implemented coconut industry in Hainan and Suggestions and proposals for a leading role in the initiative and promotion of Hainan as a coconut mall th industry, covering the entire world.


Coconut is a "treasury" with extremely tropical characteristics, a symbol of Hainan and one of the important cash crops in Hainan. Currently, Hainan has planted more than 500,000 acres of coconut and has 359 coconut processing plants with an annual output of about 20 billion yuan.


For a long time, coconut varieties on Hainan were relatively small. There are fewer types of coconut processing products at the product processing level in Hainan, with the exception of coconut oil, coconut juice, coconut sugar, coconut flour, coconut fiber, etc., which have a certain scale of production and technological content, other coconut products are low value added products.


There are not many companies with large-scale and competitive advantages in the coconut processing industry in Hainan. They lack investment in scientific and technological development and a commitment to cultural connotations. The various characteristics of coconuts cannot be fully developed and used. In addition, the shortage of processed raw materials also limits the development of the coconut industry in Hainan: about 90% of coconuts are imported.


At the forum, experts and scientists in related fields suggested that Hainan make an effort to plant, process, research and develop, industrial integration, marketing marketing and other sources to increase the popularity of Hainan Coconut in the world: focus on the development of coconut cultivation to meet 20% of the demand of local coconut processing companies; encourage companies to travel abroad, build coconut planting bases and primary processing bases in the island countries of Southeast Asia and the South Pacific, and expand exchanges with Southeast Asian countries and global tropical coconut production, processing and trading regions and cooperation, in addition to expanding and strengthening traditional coconut processing products, it is also necessary to develop high-tech products of deep processing, to increase efforts in the field of five research and development for new products, such as dietary products from coconut, special medical products and daily chemical products, and create three-dimensional, variety Twisted production chain carries out intensive distribution of raw materials, as well as the improvement and efficiency of the industry.


As the only public welfare research institution in China to consider tropical oilseed cultivation as its primary research subject, the Coconut Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences has more than 190 coconut germplasm resources worldwide, with over 100 international cooperation projects and more than 100 provincial and ministerial projects. More than 40 research results have successfully grown a number of new high-yielding early-settling coconut varieties, such as Wen Ye 78F1, Wen Ye 2, Wen Ye 3 and Wen Ye 4.


This forum is reportedly organized by the Hainan Forestry Bureau and the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences.


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