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Sanya Government in Hainan Province, China will pay up to 30,000 yuan for creative design for cultural tourism products

The Sanya City Committee reported that the evaluation of works for the International Competition of Culture and Creative Design in Sanya in 2018, where domestic and foreign designers and students collected creative projects for cultural tourism products with a maximum premium of 30,000 yuan, was launched.

The theme of this competition is "Meeting in Sanya". The design proposal is a creative design of the products of cultural tourism, which are divided into a collection, release, selection, display and rewarding. The data collection will last until September 14, 2018. From September 15 to October 20, 2018, an online assessment and expert evaluation will be held, where the winning works will be presented at the international cultural exhibition Sanya Creative Achievement Exhibition in mid-November 2018.

It is reported that the contestants are not limited to the nationality. Domestic and foreign designers, inventors, handicraft artists, artisans, students, etc. can participate. Design works include special tourist souvenirs, tourist crafts and collectibles, local products, national costumes, folk crafts, tourist products, products for outdoor tourism and non-trade sales of creative works or design plans of tourism products (including models), design work should be innovative, memorable, practical, market.

There will be 20 awards for the Phoenix Design Awards and prizes for innovation in entrepreneurship for college students, which encourages student students to actively
participate. Participants can register on the official website of the International Cultural Fair in Sanya or on the public account of WeChat.

The corresponding person in charge of the Department of Propaganda of the Municipal Committee of the Sanya Party stated that the city attaches great importance to the development of culture and related industries. This time, it will stimulate the cultural industry and creativity through various forms, such as the International Competition for Cultural and Creative Design and the creation of an industrial development fund.



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